Catch Me – The Jezabels ♫

CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS SONG. Help me out by being as obsessed with it as I am.

Little background for the ones who care:

The Jezabels are an Australian four-piece indie and alternative rock and disco pop musical group which formed in 2007. The Jezabels formed in 2007 after the four members met as students at the University of Sydney. The Jezabels’ Facebook page describes their genre as “intensindie”.


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  1. Sorry, but I cannot help you out at all. “Catch Me” is my all-time favorite song. and no matter how I try, I simply cannot get enough of it myself. And I’ve been a music fan since the 1960s. It’s pure magic, as are the Jezebels overall. Love, love, LOVE it.


    1. You’re the only person I know who has expressed their love for The Jezabels to me. “Catch Me” is one of the finest songs ever. It has so much going on, honestly I’ll never get enough of it and will be as obsessed with it as I was when I first heard it. Pure magic, indeed.


      1. I just realized you said “help me out by being *as* obsessed.” I guess I *can* help you out, then 🙂

        I find it frustrating how little airplay they get in the US. For a little while, Alternative Nation on XM played them a year or two ago (can’t remember if it was “Lost Highway” or “Endless Summer”), but it never stuck. I don’t understand it. Although I do enjoy their new single, “The End,” it now appears they’re trying to reach the mainstream at the expense of some repetitiveness. It’s a shame they didn’t get the right exposure with the Prisoner album, and get the kind of break a band like Chvrches did. I guess in the current environment, it’s up to fans like us to help a band become viral.


        1. That’s perfectly all right, your obsession was evident and I caught on to it pretty soon.
          I will admit I heard this song on a TV show. It played for a mere few seconds but I just needed to know what it was. What followed was musical bliss. I loved the band, loved their vocals, their lyrics. Everything.

          I actually like the Chvrches, too. But of course mainstream music still doesn’t compare to what The Jezabels have to offer. In a way, I’m glad that only few people know about them and appreciate them like we do. I like loving certain shows and songs in private. Catch Me, however, begs to be shared.


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