The Before After

When did I become that person who notices the slightest change in the air. I stir my cereal and I can feel a hundred new things, without moving an inch. I think about certain mysteries and suddenly there’s magic. There’s pink flowery magic everywhere. Like an unsaid prayer answered. Like an emotion you haven’t yet named. You are aware how wonderful this feels. You like it. You are careful not to spill it around. In this case, You are me.

Everything, magnified. Laughter. Exasperated sighs. And some more laughter. Right from the oxygen you inhale, to the words you exhale. You feel the urge to scream and make everyone feel it. Road trip urges are high. The curtain unfurls and there’s a staged drama you longed to see since so long. You write about these random thoughts all the time, suddenly a muse is exactly what your writing was missing. Travelling back and forth. There’s a definite before and after now. There is a before this happened and an after this happened. A line so defined you can imagine yourself looking down at it, stepping on and crossing over.

Life is the decisions you make when you didn’t even know you were decision-making. And however obscure you might think life is, love is what will give you clarity.


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