Redefining Me

I spoke about Change in my previous post and while I’ve mostly tried not to be someone giving pointless, free advice on this blog, sometimes it comes down to just that. Desperate times, you could say.

Yesterday I got rid of one of my social media networks. The biggest change I’ve made to my life lately. If you know me, you’ll realize how much thought must’ve gone into it and courage, too. I was, somewhat of an addict at one point. I tried to rid myself of it many years back but rebounded a few months later and there’s never been a moment of silence or separation ever since.

What comes with social media is a constant virtual connection without having to step out of the boundaries of your residential territory. But it was invariably clouding my normal life and time and again I ignored the warning signs. It’s not a bad thing if you’re a social pariah but when everything you actually know about your friends is only stuff you’ve glanced at on their walls, it’s time to question where you stand.

For some of us, powering down is easy. We forget where our cell phones are, we lose touch with our online personas because we’re so busy actually going out and making memories. But for others, it’s the only medium of any kind of human interaction. Even looking at pictures of our friends having a good time or knowing where they checked in is the best we can do to feel strangely reassured that it’s too much of a struggle and we’re better off in the virtual game of life. But for the sake of introspection this question begs to be asked, when do we really power down? Switch off completely? The answer is never and don’t lie that that doesn’t scare you sometimes.

I need to focus on invaluable interactions and moments of my life other than sharing links and finding the best sized picture for my cover photo. While I sound like a complete hypocrite and I know that this rehab I’ve gone into might only last a while, I would like to pride in the fact that I did it anyway. Most people I know can’t claim to do even that.

If you followed Sloppy Etymology in the past, you’d think deleting digital footprint is something I always do when the going gets tough. However, this compares nowhere to deleting my blog (or should I say blogs?) That felt like brutally chipping away a physical part of me. This feels as though I’m being pieced back together and rejuvenating myself with a strangely uncommon Disconnection Detachment.

If things matter they’ll matter enough to make you hold onto them firmly with both hands. If they don’t, you can honestly press Delete with the swift movement of one finger and I promise, you won’t feel a thing. I may have lost a blog audience of over a thousand people who next to never read my blog. So that’s not even a problem. But I’ll admit that a certain amount of effort had gone in building that network and it stings just a bit to lose it all at the click of a button. I’ll reassure myself by guessing that the ones who still care about reading what I write will not require a Facebook share and maybe that speaks more than enough about my reason to delete it and thereby redefine me and my territory.

Oh and here is a song that I heard on a show and makes me feel pretty awesome about everything. 

I decided it’s better to share a song and distract you than let you click on the stupid ads that sometimes pop up here below my blog.


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