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First time in hard copy print!

My tiny reader audience, it’s a special day for me today. I find my words in hard copy print at The Reverie Journal’s very first magazine. I understand there’s no need for you to rush and purchase it, but there is a free kindle copy available as well (for a limited time). In the meanwhile, I will bask in the happiness that comes from my little successes.

Here’s the link:


Once Again Now, UPDATE.

The Reverie Journal decided that something I wrote was worth publishing in their first magazine issue. This is the first time I will be able to see my words in print. Stay tuned for more details. In the meanwhile click on the image below to find out more about this journal.


Why An Internet Writer Can Never Be Your Best Friend

Being a Follower is about being submissive. Never forget that.

I will admit it outright, I am the person who secretly craves friendships I will never have. I seek a bond intensely real, requiring no words to elaborate and thereby tarnish the beauty of that camaraderie. With the way my life unfolds it is almost unattainable. I am a person who prefers solitude over companionship. Yet, the longing to be able to share a platonic relationship with another person goes much deeper than I ever let on…

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Up In Flames

You can now read some other things by Sloppy Etymology on
Here is the first of many more to come: