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May 04, 2014:

Writing is about being able to express yourself in a way that connects with other people. I’ve argued for a long time that I only write for myself but it’s time to admit that I am branching out and loving it.
If you’ve read my blog and you liked what you read, it would be great to hear back from you. Even otherwise actually, I’m not fussy about criticism, I swear!

Sloppy Etymology consists of my day-to-day ponderings pieced together in what you may call creative non-fiction which is my favourite kind of writing.

I’m currently looking for freelancing and blogging opportunities to expand my writing horizons. I am an avid-reader and movie buff. So I would also love to take on-request book reviews and movie reviews for this blog or even elsewhere.

I mostly use the Internet to shy away from real-life social interactions, so it wouldn’t be too bad even if you hit me up to just talk about literary things and such. Send me an e-mail on

For a more professional response and further writing queries you can fill up this contact form.

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