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Daily Prompt: Earworm | Calling (Lose My Mind) – Sebastian Ingrosso Ft. Alesso and Ryan Tedder♫

Daily Prompt: Earworm.

So since I am somewhat anonymous here, I make it a point to share my love for the music world with the help of the written word. I am beyond the point of trying to make people understand why it is that I fancy certain kind of music over others and I am also aware that there’s nothing demeaning about preferring one not-so-popular band or genre over the other. There’s nothing wrong about the kind of music you love and I honestly don’t know what people who think otherwise are trying to prove.

Daily Prompt always has interesting and inspiring topics but I’ve never been one to write those posts just because I wanted to garner a truck load of views and followers. Coincidentally, today when I decided to share a song I’m very much into right now, I knew that Daily Prompt made that topic just to tempt me. Damnit.

“What song is stuck in your head (or on permanent rotation in your CD  or MP3 player) these days? Why does it speak to you?”

The song that is stuck on repeat on my playlist at the moment is:

Calling (Lose My Mind) – Sebastian Ingrosso Ft. Alesso and Ryan Tedder

I have always been a huge fun of electronic and trance music with repetitive lyrics ever since I started understanding the distinction from genre to genre. It comes as no surprise that when I stumbled onto this song on Soundcloud I immediately had to drop what I was doing to remind myself to just breathe.

I love how this song keeps building up and breaking down. It leaves me famished. I cannot explain what celestial references in songs do to me. For a start, they take me to another world. This song gets me so elated I can barely control my Joy. Infinite Joy. I want to get up and sway and dance, feel and laugh, sing and clap.

Ryan Tedder has always held a soft corner in my heart. He has one of the finest voices I’ve ever heard. Most persons don’t know who he is but when I tell them with a matter-of-fact face that I’m actually talking about the OneRepublic vocalist they’re bound to agree. When an artist like him joins with DJ’s like Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso you know to expect nothing less than the  best.

If you hear the lyrics carefully, the song speaks about “fame”, it talks about leaving it behind for Someone unless you can shine alongside that Someone. I like how the lyrics also imply that it’s easy to lose your mind when you don’t have a person to add colour to your fame. Also, it’s ever so easy to lose your sense of right or wrong, heaven or hell.

Honestly, this song speaks to me on way too many levels.

“Can we just for a night let the stars decide where we belong…”

Tell me those words mean nothing to you and I will have something to keep me up all night.

If I Lose Myself – OneRepublic ♫

ONEREPUBLIC IS BACK! Rejoice everyone.

With their first official single in 2013 ‘If I Lose Myself’ it seems like we can now stop worrying what happened to our beloved OneRepublic. A very catchy song, typical OneRepublic undertones. This song can stay on your playlist for a long, long time.

“It’s actually about my buried, latent fear of flying and going down in an airplane,” frontman Ryan Tedder told Billboard. “Having that moment of sheer panic, looking out the window, seeing your life pass before you and somehow finding comfort in the fact that the person next to you is experiencing the same traumatic event.”